Warehouse enlargement at the Nobilia plant in Verl

Nobilia-Werke - J. Stickling GmbH & Co.

H+H Herrmann + Hieber has collaborated successfully with the important manufacturers of kitchen furniture to develop solutions for their logistical problems. That competence motivated market leader Nobilia as well to commission H+H as general contractor for the enlargement of its existing consignment warehouse.

Every day more than 2,000 kitchens leave the two Nobilia production sites in Verl and Kaunitz. In the consignment warehouse for kitchen fronts, where the necessary front components are taken and assembled into order-specific racks, an enlargement became necessary owing to a substantial increase of throughput.

For this, H+H developed an innovative special design, the so-termed “transporter with distribution trolley”. The basic unit of the transporter is a mobile trolley with a lifting platform. The distribution trolley, which carries a load to be located in or recovered from the store, is placed on this platform. In principle the distribution trolley is an autonomous consignment unit with its own movement, lifting and telescopic functions.

During operation the transporter moves in front of the consignment aisle in which the storage position to be approached is located. The lifting platform with the distribution trolley on it moves to a position where the distribution trolley can move off the platform and drive into the consignment aisle. The distribution trolley is designed to act autonomously. It moves in front of the storage position and, with its telescopic fork, places the load in the storage bay – either on the right or the left. Then it moves back onto the lifting platform and remains ready for the next task.

While the distribution trolley is driving in the aisle, workers occupied with consignment work there can safely remain in the aisle. A sensor system on the trolley detects the worker and throttles down the driving movement, if necessary to a standstill. When the worker moves out of range of the sensor the distribution trolley automatically starts moving again to complete the programmed work step.

During the transport of stacked kitchen elements with their often very smooth surfaces, the problem arises that under the action of inertial forces the stack risks collapsing by slipping. To prevent that, suitable transport securing means must be provided. H+H has designed the conveyor drive so that it can be regulated very sensitively during starting off and braking. This ensures that the horizontal inertial forces are lower than the frictional forces holding the stack together. Thus, the stacked wooden panels remain stable one on top of another throughout the transport movement.