System solutions for automatic material transport

System solutions as an integrated approach to automation

By “system solution” H+H means an integrated automation approach for material transport in an entire operational area, and indeed an approach that covers all the necessary process sequences including communication with the customer’s ERP system. This consists of tailor-made, problem-orientated internal logistical systems agreed in advance with the customer, with tried and tested conveyor and handling equipment (components) and the combination of specially designed and existing production equipment.

The way toward a system solution

The starting point is always a detailed and forward-looking material flow analysis prepared by H+H. On the basis of that analysis H+H develops and supplies the appropriate transport systems, having regard to all the boundary conditions (product properties, local conditions, the customer’s wishes, etc.). After the system has been commissioned, the customer has access to all the services on offer.

To the customer’s benefit

The customer benefits in many ways from the complete automation of material transport: lower personnel costs, no damage during transport, increased flexibility during periods of fluctuating workload, operation in restricted space, and often much more. Experience shows that the ROI (Return of Investment) ranges between 3 and 5 years. On the basis of decades of experience H+H can guarantee availability levels of 98 percent.

Review of branches

  • Aluminium extrusion plants
  • Foil manufacturers
  • Chemical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • Paper
  • Furniture
  • Food industry
  • Steel and plastics semis
  • Building
  • Wood