Thöni extends its fully automated internal logistics system for section processing

Contract announcement, December 2017. Thöni Holding GmbH, located in Telfs, Austria, has constructed a new extrusion and anodising plant with a completely automated material  flow system. For the latest extension of the new plant a further shed has been attached, in which the processing is concentrated. The fully automated material transport system in the new shed is now being completed, once more in collaboration with H+H Herrmann + Hieber.

Already at the planning stage of the new processing shed the installation concept and the material flow system were matched with one another. The shed is divided into three bays. In the two outer bays the machining stations are set up at floor level. Between them, in the middle bay is the billet store, which is on an elevated platform so that the floor of the shed between the two outer machining facilities is available for transport, intermediate storage, packing and dispatch activities.

The sections coming from the extrusion plant are transported by an automatic crane to the billet store on the platform and from there, as required, they are taken to the intended machining station. Transport between the store and the machining station is carried out by rack storage towers and conveyor stretches. With the help of the storage towers, the material flow is decoupled between the automatic crane and the work stations. Moreover, these stations also serve as intermediate buffers. In the final extension each of the two shed bays will be supplied from several storage towers.

In the planned extension step the store will now be enlarged and the transport between the store and the machining stations will be extended according to plan. The work should be completed by September 2018.