Sapa extends its internal logistics system at the Bellenberg extrusion plant

Contract announcement, July 2015. As a supplement to the automatic crane installed earlier, the Sapa extrusion plant in Bellenberg has commissioned the company H+H to plan and supply additional conveyor equipment. This will enable the plant to carry out more extensive transport tasks automatically.

The Sapa BuildEx Bellenberg GmbH extrusion plant is part of the Sapa group of companies, a world market leader in the sector of aluminium extrusions and section structures. In the plant, founded in 1989, sections for aluminium building systems are produced. The plant operates a 22-MN press and specialises in composite sections with a thermal break.

The sections intended for further processing are brought by truck to the dispatch area on special load carriers with a maximum weight of 1,250 kg. For the in-house transport, in the year 2000 H+H installed a two-axis automatic crane which moves the filled load carriers to the dispatch area to be taken away.

In this working area the job to be done has changed. In future, load carriers are also to be taken away from the dispatch area and transferred to a crane in the adjacent shed, or transported back from there to the automatic crane.

For the automation of those transports H+H has installed a system of chain conveyors, which form the link between the automatic crane and the manually operated crane in the shed.

This is planned to begin operating in December 2015.