Maintenance contract for equipment provided by H+H and others

Contract announcement, May 2016. The foodstuff trader “tegut … gute Lebensmittle GmbH & Co. KG” in Fulda, a trading company with around 280 markets, almost exactly 5200 workers and a net turnover of 970 million euros in 2014, commissioned H+H last year to modernise the central goods reception system. Now the partners have signed a multi-year contract for the maintenance of the whole of the goods reception logistics system.

The central warehouse in Fulda supplies a large proportion of the tegut … markets with over 30,000 different products. Incidentally, at tegut … bio-products have been included in the assortment since the 1980s; thus, a long time before the beginning of growing demand for bio-products the company was a pioneer for that product sector.

In trading concerns malfunctions or, worse still, a breakdown of the logistics system are exceptionally problematic. To ensure stable operation, last year tegut …  – with the help of H+H – thoroughly renovated the central goods reception system of the central warehouse, both mechanically and electrically. In the next step, the reliable functioning of the entire system is now to be ensured permanently by a consistently planned servicing and maintenance programme. For this, tegut … has entrusted the company H+H with the servicing of the logistics system – both the parts of the equipment renewed by H+H and also the products provided by outside suppliers.

The highly specialised technical staff of the experienced logistics specialist H+H offer the customer a guarantee that the objective of trouble-free operating sequences will in actuality be achieved.