Increasing demand for H+H winding equipment

August 2017. In the first half of this year H+H Herrmann + Hieber sold three winding machines and work is currently in progress on other projects. An important feature of these components is their carefully thought out, safety-conscious design, which largely excludes accidents at work.

H+H coiling equipment for coiling coils, paper rolls, wire coils, tools and other applications can optionally be installed in fixed locations, moved around on rails or designed to be transported when used in different places. With the help of auxiliary equipment the H+H coiling machines can be modified for special tasks and if necessary also integrated into automated sequences. The product range includes six machine sizes, for loads between two and thirty tonnes. In the first half of this year an order was placed for a wire coil winding machine (2 tonnes), and two further coil material orders (5 and 10 tonnes respectively) were received.

Besides the greatest possible reliability during operation along with maintenance friendliness and economy, in the design of these machines particular importance was attached to operating safety. Thus, all gaps and interstices that could entail a risk of injury by squeezing, or shearing off, are consistently covered by hinged flaps and sheets. In the pre-order discussions it was shown that the customers regarded safety aspects as particularly important.