In 2003 H+H assembled a special structure at Eberspächer – and now this has been generally overhauled

For the general overhauling of a distribution trolley that has been in service for ten years, at its works in Neunkirchen Eberspächer could only set aside two working days. The company could not do without the important special structure concerned for any longer period.

Fast approaching its 150-th anniversary, the company Eberspächer is one of the leading system suppliers of waste gas technology, vehicle heating systems and bus air-conditioning systems. To secure its future, the owner-managed family company relies on a worldwide presence, innovative products and, not least, a production system designed in accordance with the most up-to-date guidelines.

In the sector of internal logistics Eberspächer also collaborates with H+H Herrmann + Hieber. At present Eberspächer has entrusted the company with the general overhauling of a special structure that has been in continuous service for 10 years. This contract is less notable for its size and difficulty, but very much so as evidence of the robustness and reliability of plant constructed by H+H.

At the time the objective was to position heavy loads weighing up to 8.5 tonnes and projecting by 1.6 metres. For this, H+H developed a special distribution trolley, which is arranged below floor level. The large tilting torque is absorbed since for load transfer, the entire trolley is held by a clamping device.

This unconventional solution has proved its worth at Eberspächer and is urgently needed again. Now, when a general overhaul has become necessary, the time-frame from the customer’s standpoint was very narrow: all the work has to be completed in two working days and the weekend after them. On 6 October the unit started operating again, on schedule.