H+H automates chip clearing system for a slab scalping machine

Contract announcement, February 2013: Before being hot-rolled, continuously cast rolling slabs are machined on a slab scalping machine to remove the as-cast surface layer from both flat sides. This machining operation generates more than 300 kilograms of chips per minute. H+H is assisting a noted aluminium rolling plant with the installation of an automated, trouble-free chip disposal system which separates out the alloys.

At the company’s slab scalping machine the chips generated are drawn of pneumatically. The pneumatic chip clearance system at the scalping machine conveys the chips, via a chip crusher, a precipitator cyclone and a belt conveyor, to a filling station where the chips are loaded into individual transport containers. The filling level of these is monitored continuously. A vibration compactor helps to increase the quantity of chips to be transported.

The filling station is integrated with the SAP production control system. For security, each container is provided with a label which, in addition to data on the material, records its full weight. This enables clear identification so that confusion is largely excluded. When called for, the transport containers are taken to the melting furnace.