Hammerwerk Fridingen entrusts H+H with the retrofitting of its warehouse

Contract announcement, October 2015. In a multi-layered project which will also continue at weekends, H+H is to undertake the complete modernisation and partial renewal of the mechanical equipment and automation technology of the high-bay warehouse. Only two weeks are available for the work to be done.

Hammerwerk Fridingen GmbH, a privately owned medium-sized company founded in 1934, which is the largest company in Fridingen on the Danube, is now one of the most important die-forging businesses in Germany. The company’s two plants, employing around 500 people between them, produce severely load-bearing die-forged and hot extrusion moulded components, mainly for the automotive industry.

The dies needed for this are stored at the original plant in Fridingen on pallets in a three-aisle high-bay warehouse. Movements in the warehouse take place automatically by means of storage and retrieval machines, storage and retrieval machine converters and transverse transport trolleys. After nearly three decades of operation comprehensive modernisation has now become necessary.

The contract for this has been awarded to H+H Herrmann + Hieber.  H+H will replace the previous control system with a modern version. This will include the drive and regulation technology, the plant visualisation and the replacement of the complete sensor system. The existing storage point management will be replaced by a new warehouse management system. The mechanical equipment will be modernised from the ground up – having regard to the current legislation on health and safety.

To avoid interfering with continuous operation, H+H will carry out as muck of the work as possible during a one-week shutdown, including a few advance preparation days, working in multiple shifts at the weekends as well.