For its extension Thöni relies on H+H, its logistics partner of many years

Contract announcement, October 2015. Thöni Holding GmbH, located in Telfs, Tyrol in Austria, has awarded a contract to H+H Herrmann + Hieber for extending the internal logistics system for the current enlargement of the plant.

Today Thöni is one of the most efficient suppliers of extruded sections in Europe. Since it started section production in 1984 Thöni has continually extended and modernised this work sector. In this, automation of the in-house material flow plays an important part.

In the context of the current extension stage Thöni has put up a new production shed (“Millennium Shed II”) at its Telfs plant. For the integration of the new shed into the very largely automated logistical system of the extrusion plant, Thöni again decided to rely on H+H Herrmann + Hieber, its logistics partner of many years. H+H has been collaborating with Thöni in that sector since 1999 and during this, has given decisive support to the company in the development of the complex systems involved.

In the extrusion plant the objective is to transport the profile sections up to a maximum of 12 metres in length, stacked on load carriers, step by step through the production operations. Now, fixed conveyor technology has to be installed for the material flow between the existing production shed (“Millennium Shed I”) and the new shed. In the newly constructed shed an automatic crane will be responsible for the distribution of the racks. Material flow investigations have demonstrated the need to install intermediate buffer stores at various points.

The work should be completed by the beginning of April 2016.