Ensinger extends its fully automatic material transport system

Contract announcement, August 2014. In 2013 the plastics processor Ensinger GmbH completed an extensive investment project at its parent plant in Nufringen, in which the production facilities were enlarged, a new warehouse for extruded semis (sections, rods, plates, etc.) was built and a fully automatic material transport system was installed. H+H Herrmann + Hieber was commissioned to automate the complete flow of goods system.

Part of this complex project are the transport movements between the new warehouse and the consignment and sawing work stations. That link is provided by a conveyor stretch with distribution trolleys; the skids recovered from store are placed on auxiliary pallets are taken to the transfer position required.

For the material transport to and from the sawing work stations a fully automatic, two-axis manipulator crane has been installed. The goods called for from the warehouse are moved by distribution trolley to the transfer position to the manipulator crane, and are there taken up with the help of the auxiliary pallets. The range of tasks to be performed by the manipulator crane includes:

  • Transport to the sawing positions arranged one behind another
  • Transport to a clearing station at the end of the travel path
  • Transport to the buffer positions
  • Transport of the empty pallets, or those to be returned to store, by a transverse transport unit which moves them onto a parallel conveyor stretch for the return transport.

When the production facility is enlarged further in the future, the said conveyor stretch will be linked to another sawing work station. For this, H+H will supply the necessary transport and handling equipment and will extend the control system correspondingly in close consultation with the customer.