EHEIM begins operating a new material transport system at its plant in Deizisau

July 2014. When EHEIM, a leading supplier in the field of aquaristics, enlarged its production facility in the plant at Deizisau, H+H Herrmann + Hieber was commissioned to automate the in-house material flow. The new transport equipment came into operation successfully and on schedule.

The EHEIM production plant in Deizisau has the most up-to-date production equipment and a largely automated internal logistics system. When the expanding company found that it needed additional space in order to boost its production, this was provided by adding another floor to a two-storey production building. The job entrusted to H+H in the context of that project was to integrate the newly created production facility into the automated material flow of the plant.

The components are transported through the plant in lattice-box pallets. For the continuous supply of materials to the work stations a complex system of conveyors and buffer areas has been created. To connect the new storey to the existing transport system two vertical conveyors were installed. The work and buffer stations are supplied by a variety of conveyor devices: chain conveyors of various designs, turntables, transfer stations and others. The scope of provision also includes the control system for all the equipment and all the necessary safety devices.

The complete system came into operation as planned, in May/June this year.