Deutz AG entrusts H+H with a package of conversion and modernisation work

Contract announcement, May 2019. The engine assembly facility of the Deutz plant in Cologne has collaborated with H+H in the sector of internal logistics for almost two decades. Beside the delivery of new equipment, H+H has now been awarded the contract to modernise a store and convert an existing order picking tower.

The two-storey high-level warehouse arranged next to the two assembly lines was installed more than 20 years ago by a third-party company. It holds lattice pallets delivered automatically by the vehicles of the driverless transport system (DTS). The conveyor technology – both mechanical and electrical – in the pre-storage area of the warehouse (including the control system) is now to be completely renewed and the ground-level conveyor technology adapted to the special shape of the pallets. For example, lifting turntables have to be installed.

The contract package also includes the complete conversion of an order picking tower installed earlier by H+H at the plant in Cologne. This measure has become necessary because Deutz is relocating the assembly of an engine series from Cologne to the plant in Ulm. For this, the complete order picking tower will be dismantled in Cologne, transported to its new location, and there reassembled and connected up.