Conveyor line for special pallets weighing up to 2.4 tonnes

Contract announcement, May 2016. Rega Systems GmbH, located in Freilassing, commissioned H+H to supply a pallet transport system for paper rolls. The equipment was installed at M. Kaindl KG in Wals, Austria.

Rega Systems, a young and up-and-coming company, develops and manufactures special equipment and machines in accordance with the wishes of its customers. Kaindl is a traditional company with more than 100 years of history behind it and a successful development to become one of the world market leaders in the sector of flooring and wood materials.

The automatic conveyor line transports steel pallets of special design, which carry up to six upright paper rolls. When fully loaded the pallets weigh up to 2.4 tonnes.

The characteristic features of the chain conveyor system supplied are on the one hand the large weights to be moved and on the other hand the special nature of the pallets used. To protect against damage, at each position for collection by fork-lifts a robust collision protector is installed.