apt extends the packing facilities at the Monhein plant

Contract announcement, March 2016. apt Hiller GmbH has commissioned H+H to supply a further packing station for the plant in Monheim on the Rhine. For connection to the fully automated material flow system in the plant additional conveyor equipment is included in the scope of the delivery.

In the creation of its fully automated internal logistics system the apt extrusion plant has collaborated closely with H+H Herrmann + Hieber GmbH in Denkendorf since 1989. In a number of individual steps, since then the material flow through the entire plant has been integrated into a uniform automated concept. The packing positions are optimally equipped and designed ergonomically. With its current equipment the extrusion plant in Monheim is one of the most modern section producers in Europe.

To increase the packing capacity, H+H has now been commissioned to install an additional packing station, including all the modifications to the transport management system required for this. The task is a complex one since in Monheim two different rack widths are used and (for capacity reasons) sometimes two racks at a time, stacked one above the other, have to be transported through the plant.

The new packing station is integrated in the automated material flow system. It is equipped with ergonomic aids such as dispenser devices for packing materials. By virtue of a lifting table a uniform and optimum working position is ensured.

The equipment is scheduled to begin operating in October 2016.