Storage tower MegaSpacer

New development: Storage tower MegaSpacer with double-depth load carrier

H+H Herrmann + Hieber has developed a storage tower which can be adapted ideally to suit the space situation at the customer.
Thanks to a clever mechanical system, with only one lifting unit up to four large load carriers per level can be handled. This saves a lot of space.

Lagerturm MegaSpacer

In a very narrow space the MegaSpacer can be loaded with a particularly large number of containers, and these containers can even carry heavy loads: up to 1,000 kg per shelf, so 4,000 kg per level!


Patented experience relating to storage towers

H+H Herrmann + Hieber is a manufacturer of conveyor and storage systems active all over Europe, with a focus on quality and adaptability for the benefit of its customers. Since 1961 more than 1,000 units have been produced.

The MegaSpacer is a further development of an extremely robust and exceptionally durable storage tower system by H+H:

the patented forerunner „Order picking tower“


Space gained for core tasks

Platzersparnis durch MegaSpacer

Platzersparnis durch MegaSpacer

Standard data for the MegaSpacer storage tower:

  • Floor area: approx. 5 m x 6,5 m
  • Shelf dimensions: approx. 0,85 m x 5,1 m x 0,2 m
  • Storage tower height: 3,5 m bis ca. 15 m
  • Useful load per shelf: 1.000 kg (net load)
  • Useful load per storage tower (H=10 m): 140.000 kg
  • Number of shelves: max. 250 (H=15 m)
  • Storage area: approx. 1.100 qm
  • Loading examples:
    • 32.000 containers L=200, B=150
    • 8.000 containers L=300, B=400
    • 4.000 containers L=600, B=400
  • Shelf exchange: approx. 70/h
  • Modern safety technology
  • Modern store management system and convenient operation
  • Can be modified according to your wishes
  • Still more space advantages thanks to cantilevered steel design



Intelligent material flow for efficiency, safety and user-friendliness

The MegaSpacer modern store management system

Discover a new user-friendliness in the spirit of Industry 4.0

  • Stock in-store is known at all times and is sorted automatically
  • According to height measurement, the system finds the best storage position
  • Automatic tracking
  • Simple working and operation by touch-screen
  • Many user assistance systems such as laser pointers, auxiliary crane and weight recording
  • Automatic restacking in the store for quick access times, prioritised in accordance with the order list

Beispiel Lagerverwaltungssystem MegaSpacer mit Tablar mit 32 Boxen