Order picking tower

Order picking tower for decentralised storage at the worksite

For the decentralised storage of pallets or transport boxes when space is restricted, H+H Herrmann + Hieber has developed an innovative storage concept: the “order picking tower”.

An order picking tower consists of two parallel shelves with an automatic storage and retrieval machine moving between them. On one side of the tower (the front side) are the work positions, where the pallets are provided with material. On the opposite side (at the rear) the tower is loaded with full pallets and empty pallets are removed.

Each work position has a terminal with which pallets can be called for and replaced in the picking tower. The worker notifies the materials management system when an empty transport box can be removed.

Order picking towers of different sizes have proved their worth in the engine assembly plant of Deutz AG in Cologne. The most important advantages are:

  • Compact structure
  • Few drives
  • Energy efficiency
  3-column 4-column 5-column 6-column
Number of storage bays 30 40 50 60
Total weight of material max. 30t 40t 50t 60t
Possible number of work positions 1 1-2 1-2 1-3
length x width x height
5m x 3m x 10m 6m x 3m x 10m 8m x 3m x 10m 10m x 3m x 10m
Max. dimensions load carrier
length x width
1200mm x 1000mm 1200mm x 1000mm 1200mm x 1000mm 1200mm x 1000mm