Product range

The company

Conveyor systems and components for the …

  • conveying
  • storage
  • buffering
  • stacking
  • consignment

of pallets, cage pallets, cassettes for long articles, racks for sections, special containers, coils and chipboard and MDF panel stacks with individual weights between 1,000 and 30,000 kg, with the use of …

  • roller tracks and chain conveyors
  • distribution trolleys / mobile trolleys
  • automatic cranes
  • vertical conveyors
  • stacking and destacking machines
  • rotary devices
  • coil rotators
  • testing equipment (contour, weight, etc.)

as well as …

  • heavy-load and long article stores
  • order picking towers (magazines)
  • packing equipment for sections

including the planning and construction of the control and computing configuration with appropriate hardware and software …

  • conveyor technology control systems (SPS-PC)
  • material flow computer (MFC-TLS)
  • store management computer (SMC-LVS)
  • transport control system
  • branch-related process control systems.

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