With a very good order position, H+H is expanding

April 2019: In recent months the material flow specialist H+H Herrmann + Hieber has been able to swell its order book with a series of interesting orders. The current lively order activity suggests that this positive development is likely to continue. In such a situation the company has decided to extend its design and assembly capacities.

Automated internal logistics is one of the indispensable building blocks in creating an intelligent production operation in the sense of Industry 4.0. That this concept is beginning increasingly to establish itself in every sector of industry is no doubt the basis for the great interest in such solutions currently to be observed.

With nearly 60 years of experience in the work field of automated in-house material flow, H+H is one of the most experienced suppliers of such solutions. During the course of its development the company has specialised in two areas of work: conveyor technology for heavy loads, and pallet transport.

H+H has installed logistical systems in the sector of heavy loads (up to 30 tonnes and even more if necessary) in the most varied fields of application. In this, a key point is internal logistics in aluminium extrusion  plants – an area of work that, as its first supplier, H+H took up at the end of the 1980s. Its long years of experience in that sector and an extensive system of special, tried and tested transport solutions, justify H+H to claim the position of market leader. A substantial proportion of the current order situation is accounted for by this area of work.

In recent years interest in these logistical solutions has also been growing in the steel and plastics processing industries.

In the field of pallet transport, among other things H+H shows promise of the successful marketing of its new, decentralised storage solutions. The units developed under the names “Storage tower MegaSpacer” and “Order picking tower” are in principle small, compact high-level stores that can be adapted individually and in a space-saving way to the customer’s requirements.

Besides the good order position, Managing Director Jan Guthmann points to another reason for the planned staffing increases: The valuable knowhow of highly trained logistics specialists should be retained in the company. By manufacturing largely under its own control the company also gains additional efficacy and flexibility with which to meet the expectations of its customers.