Vertical conveyor for colordruck Baiersbronn

Contract announcement, May 2016: colordruck Baiersbronn W. Mack GmbH & Co. has commissioned H+H to develop and install a vertical transport system covering three floors, and to link it to the stock warehouse.

The company colordruck Baiersbronn, founded in 1954, supplies a comprehensive range of packaging systems, all of the highest quality, functionality and economy, covering many branches. The company views itself as a flexible, long-term partner for industrial and trading companies in the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical and non-food branches. More than 200 employees produce over a billion packs each year, with a value of almost 40 million euros.

The company’s logistics centre, which was last extended in 2008, satisfies the strict demands of a modern cardboard packaging production facility. The additional plant components now required for capacity enlargement supplement existing equipment and, in this, conform with the specified boundary conditions. A vertical conveyor is to be installed, which will connect three storeys with one another, as well as stationary floor-level conveyors at all levels.

From the design standpoint a number of particulars had to be taken into account: a wide variety of different pallet designs have to be transported, while the space available and the building height are both limited. Particular attention must be paid to the relatively strict safety requirements and the stringent fire-protection measures in the plant.

The new equipment is scheduled to begin operating in September 2016.