Transport solutions for the brick and tile industry

Contract announcement, October 2019. As part of its enlarged marketing capacity, H+H has been able to recruit Herr W. Pfeuffer in Krumbach, a trade representative with comprehensive experience in the brick and tile industry. In a relatively short time this has resulted in two new contracts in that field of activity, which is new for H+H. At present, at the modern RAPIS Works in Markt Wald the fully automatic transport system for briquette carriers is being renewed and optimised.

Before the bricks are produced, the components (clay. loam) that are central for the two plants at Schwabmünchen and Markt Wald are first milled in a mill and then prepared for extrusion. After storage the raw material is mixed with additives and extruded to a continuous strand. From that strand the brick formats are cut to size and taken away on flat pallets (briquette carriers) for further processing (drying, firing). The entire process, including the transport stages required, takes place fully automatically in an integrated system.

For the transport of the briquette carriers, in this plant belt conveyors are used. At the point where the loaded carriers are taken away and an empty carrier is made ready, for a rapid cycle time an additional transport device is installed in the middle between the two belt guides as a drive unit for a transfer carriage. To avoid interrupting production, this process has to take place very quickly and precisely. In the previous system the task was carried out by a connecting rod.

As part of the retrofit project, this transport equipment is being completely renewed. For that, H+H is supplying four special belt conveyors, two of them with integrated lifting devices. The connecting rod is being replaced by a reliable and long-lasting belt transport unit. All in all, the new transport system promises almost 100% availability in harsh brickwork operating conditions, for a period of 15 to 20 years.