Mannstaedt begins operating a second section stacker

stacking and packing plant for heavy steel sections

Start of operation in July 2015. Following the successful supply of a highly flexible sawing, stacking and packing plant for heavy steel sections, GMH Mannstaedt GmbH in Troisdorf near Cologne commissioned H+H Herrmann + Hieber in June 2014 to supply a further unit of the same type. This was handed over to the customer after a construction time of around one year.

The project involves a highly complicated automation system with which the rolled sections, a good 20 metres in length, are cut up fully automatically to dispatch lengths, stacked individually, and packed.

At the sawing station a carefully considered optimisation strategy ensures that the unused offcuts remain reduced to a minimum.

With the help of an automatic stacking machine developed by H+H the profile sections, variously shaped and weighing up to 100 kg/m, are automatically stacked to form packs. The section stacks, configured according to the customer’s individual specifications, are automatically strapped. The variously sized packs, ready for dispatch, are transported to a transfer location from where they are taken away.

Besides its rationalisation effect the automation of these working steps promises to make the work involved much easier, while damage during transport is also avoided. The fact that Mannstaedt decided to invest in a second plant of this type speaks for the reliability of this automation system developed by H+H.