Increasing demand for coil winders from H+H

September 2019. The logistics components supplied by H+H Hermann + Hieber include, among others, winding equipment. Demand for the new design dating from 2016 is growing all the time. Recently a unit for coils weighing up to 10 tonnes was supplied to a leading automobile manufacturer, which unit is built onto a rotary mechanism. The additional rotary movement allows the operator to use the unit more flexibly.

The winding devices developed by H+H for coils, paper rolls, wire spools, tools and other suchlike can optionally be installed in fixed positions, made movable on rails, or made transportable for alternating points of use. With the help of auxiliary equipment they can be modified for special tasks and if appropriate also integrated into automated sequences.

The particular advantages of the design include a very high safety standard. All gaps and intermediate spaces which pose a risk of crushing or shearing off are consistently covered over by folding aprons and sheets. The product range is divided into six sizes, for loads between two and thirty tonnes.

As logistics components H+H offers tried and tested conveyor and handling equipment, used for the automation of special logistical tasks. Such equipment has been produced because in the projects that H+H has worked on over more than five decades, a number of tasks crop up repeatedly. Among the strengths of such essential elements is the comprehensive experience they contribute to such developments, so that the reliability of every component has been proved time and again in complex conveyor systems.