H+H commissions an automatic transport system for cable drums weighing up to 15 tonnes

March 2013. The company Faber Kabel AG has started operating a second automatic cable drum transporting system at its Hann works in Münden/Hedemünden, for transporting weights up to 15 tonnes. The equipment, developed and supplied by H+H, is working to the customer’s satisfaction.

The newly installed automatic cable drum transport installation forms the link between the store and the consignment area. It carries the cable drums from a transfer station to the winding machine, where the quantities required for dispatch are taken off, and then back again.

The large transport weight makes it necessary to use special pallets. The characterising features of the transport equipment are, among others, their robust construction – they are manipulated with the help of large stackers – and the relatively high transport speeds, for which frequency-regulated drive motors are used.

For more than 40 years Faber Kabel has specialised in the marketing of cables and conductors. Approximately 8,000 articles, which in their various delivery lots make up many more than 80,000 packaged units, have to be stored. Every day some 400 tonnes are loaded.