H+H supplies a second stacker for heavy steel sections

Contract announcement, June 2014. Following the successful commissioning of a newly developed, highly flexible stacking unit for heavy steel sections, GMH Mannstaedt GmbH in Troisdorf, near Cologne, has ordered a second such unit from H+H Herrmann + Hieber.

Mannstaedt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot-rolled special steel sections. For various applications, among them the automobile, commercial vehicle and fork-lift truck industries, Mannstaedt produces numerous individual profile shapes.

At the end of the production chain installed in the Troisdorf plant the hot-rolled sections are cut to length, stacked and packed. Besides the rationalisation effect, automation of these operations makes the work considerably easier and avoids damage during transport. A well thought out optimisation strategy also ensures that the unused offcuts are reduced to a minimum.

For this automation system H+H developed an automatic stacking machine, which stacks the differently shaped profile sections, weighing up to 100 kg/m, to form packs. The section stacks, configured in accordance with the customer’s specifications, are transported on roller tracks and by chain conveyors to the packing station, where they are automatically strapped. The packs, ready for shipment and of varying dimensions, are then prepared for dispatch at a transfer station.