H+H organises the storage and transport of heavy loads at a noted automobile supplier

Contract announcement, September 2018: Alzner Automotive GmbH, with its headquarters in Grafenau, is extending its production. The logistical objectives this entails include, among others, the storage and transport of coils, dies and plates weighing up to 7 tonnes. For this part of the work Alzner Automotive decided to turn to H+H Herrmann + Hieber GmbH in Denkendorf as its logistics partner.

Alzner Automotive GmbH is an innovative medium-sized and family-owned company active in the sectors of stamping and bending technology. Since it was founded in 2004 the company has grown continually and today almost every noted automobile manufacturer is on its customer list. For more than ten years Alzner Automotive has developed bending, drawing and progressive compound dies for mass production in the sectors of stamping, deformation and bending technology.

Now, the growth of the company has made it necessary to build a new shed with an area of approximately 5,000 m2. The new shed will house nine machines for sheet processing, an automated high-bay warehouse, and a block store for heavy dies, coils and plates.

For the necessary extension of the in-house transport operations both in the new block store and also between the existing production sheds, Alzner Automotive decided to adopt an innovative solution proposed by H+H Herrmann + Hieber. The concept provides that the items, weighing up to 7 tonnes, will be transported within the block store by an automatic crane (AMC) – a sector in which, with almost 100 AMCs installed until now, H+H has comprehensive experience. The concept also includes racks specially adapted for the goods to be transported.

In the existing production shed a so-termed storage tower will be installed, in which currently needed coils and dies will be stored intermediately and can be recovered quickly as and when necessary. The transport facilities between the new shed and the existing sheds are also covered by the scope of the contract with H+H.