H+H modernises the safety system at Häcker-Küchen

Contract announcement, July 2015. When Häcker-Küchen GmbH, located in Rödinghausen in North Rhein-Westphalia, put up a new high-bay warehouse in the year 2000, H+H was given responsibility for the extensive conveyor system. After H+H had completed a comprehensive renovation and partial modernisation of the entire system in October 2013, in 2015 the safety systems in all operating areas were checked and modernised.

At Häcker-Küchen cut blanks are stored in a 13-lane high-bay warehouse with about 22,100 spaces. Transversely to this is arranged a further, two-storey high-bay store with 5 lanes on each level. A further storage system for the manual consignment of the visible material is installed in an intermediate building. All the stores, two consignment areas and a handling system are linked with one another by conveyor technology with the help of roller tracks and chain conveyors, distribution trolleys, vertical conveyors, transfer stations and the empty pallet store.

The safety concept for the entire conveyor system – above all in relation to the access of personnel to hazardous areas – is now to be adapted in line with current requirements. For this, the areas to be protected are to be made even safer by the partial modification of protective barrier structures and access doors, and by an access concept involving the prior input of numerical codes and dependence on keys. The work required for this is being carried out section by section, and in such manner that there is no interference with ongoing operations.