H+H is to supply heavy-load conveyor technology for a paper plant in eastern Europe

Contract announcement, December 2019. H+H has been entrusted by an internationally active logistics company specialising in integrated automation systems,  with the development, supply and assembly of the heavy-load technology for a newly to be built paper plant.

This area of work is nothing new for H+H. Where coils are concerned (coil transport, coil handling, coil storage) H+H Herrmann + Hieber has experience and references relating to various materials used in many branches, for many tasks – in the working range between 1.5 and 30 tonnes coil weight.  Among other things H+H has developed the complete coil logistical system between the warehouse, coating unit and dispatch area for a leading manufacturer of adhesive labels.

In the present case the paper coils weight up to three tonnes.  In total, for the complex transport and handling operations more than 40 different conveyor devices are used.  The units are purpose-built for their specific tasks and among other things care must be taken not to damage the sensitive coil surfaces.