After 13 years in service, H+H renovates the automatic logistics system at Häcker-Küchen

When Häcker-Küchen GmbH in Rödinghausen , North-Rhein Westphalia, built a new high-bay store in 2000, H+H was given responsibility for the extensive conveyor system. In October 2013 H+H completed the comprehensive renovation and partial modernisation of the entire system.

At Häcker Küchen the blanks are stored in a 13-lane high-bay store with around 18,000 storage positions. Transversely to this is another, two-storey high-bay store with 5 lanes at each level. A further storage system for the manual consignment of the visible material is installed in an intermediate building. At the time all the stores, two consignment areas and a handling system had to be linked by conveyor systems in such a way as to ensure that material can be moved in and out of all those systems in a harmonised manner. That objective was achieved with the help of roller tracks and chain conveyors, distribution trolleys, vertical conveyors, transfer stations and an store for empty pallets.

With a view to continuing high availability, now after 13 years in service a general inspection of the system with multi-stage overhaul work and individual extensions has been carried out. Starting with a thorough inspection of all parts of the plant, the components to be replaced were identified. Since not all replacement components are still available on the market, some areas had to be redesigned. Furthermore, a new security cable system was installed.

The work was carried out in a very short time without interrupting on-going production.