H+H supplies central packaging unit for extruded sections

Contract announcement, May 2019. A noted European extrusion plant has commissioned H+H to design and supply a central automated packaging system for extrusions. This is a highly modern unit designed to meet a variety of packaging specifications (large bundles, customers’ racks, carton packs).


Deutz AG entrusts H+H with a package of conversion and modernisation work

Contract announcement, May 2019. The engine assembly facility of the Deutz plant in Cologne has collaborated with H+H in the sector of internal logistics for almost two decades. Beside the delivery of new equipment, H+H has now been awarded the contract to modernise a store and convert an existing order picking tower.


colordruck Baiersbronn continues its successful collaboration with H+H

Contract announcement, April 2019. The collaboration between colordruck Baiersbronn W. Mack GmbH & Co. and the company H+H goes back more than ten years. As part of enlargement measures at the customer, H+H has now been commissioned to supply two additional levels of two H+H vertical conveyor devices and ground-level conveyor units for in-house pallet transport.


With a very good order position, H+H is expanding

April 2019: In recent months the material flow specialist H+H Herrmann + Hieber has been able to swell its order book with a series of interesting orders. The current lively order activity suggests that this positive development is likely to continue. In such a situation the company has decided to extend its design and assembly capacities.


Thöni entrusts H+H with the internal logistics for the new plant in Pfaffenhofen

For a total of 70 million euros the Austrian company Thöni Industriebetriebe is building a new extrusion plant at its site in Pfaffenhofen. Again Thöni is committed to the successful concept of systematically automated material transport, so the long-lasting collaboration with H+H Herrmann + Hieber in that sector is to continue.


ALUMINIUM 2018 – H+H fully satisfied with the result

H+H at the ALUMINIUM international Trade Fair

Trade Fair report, October 2018. For our company, which holds a leading position in the field of internal logistics in aluminium semis plants, participation in the ALUMINIUM international Trade Fair is obviously all-important. As in the past, this year too our expectations were completely fulfilled: at the end of the Fair H+H achieved an entirely positive balance and already has its sights on the next Fair in 2020.


H+H organises the storage and transport of heavy loads at a noted automobile supplier

Contract announcement, September 2018: Alzner Automotive GmbH, with its headquarters in Grafenau, is extending its production. The logistical objectives this entails include, among others, the storage and transport of coils, dies and plates weighing up to 7 tonnes. For this part of the work Alzner Automotive decided to turn to H+H Herrmann + Hieber GmbH in Denkendorf as its logistics partner.


Modernisation business running smoothly at H+H

September 2018. At present H+H is working on a number of modernisation projects on outdated plants. Worn plant components are exchanged, outdated designs are replaced by more modern versions , and in some cases new designs too are installed. This work is intended above all to reduce breakdown rates and increase availability.


L. Brüggemann entrusts H+H with the automation of its logistics

Contract announcement, February 2018. L. Brüggemann GmbH & Co. KG is modernising and extending the production of plastic additives at its plant in Heilbronn. In the context of that project H+H Herrmann + Hieber has been given responsibility for the material flow.


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