Stacking and destacking machines

Automatic stacking and destacking machines for long articles

Automatic stacking/destacking machines automate the handling process when long articles move through the operation in cassettes or racks for long articles, when they are to be stored or when they are prepared for dispatch. These units save labour costs, speed up the throughput and largely exclude damage during transport.

The use of such machines for logistical automation in the aluminium extrusion industry is widespread. H+H Herrmann + Hieber has played a decisive role in that development with internal logistics projects at almost all the major European extrusion plants, and today the company is the market leader in the sector.

This technique of transport automation is increasingly becoming established in companies from other branches as well. In recent years H+H has successfully implemented its first projects for the steel and plastics industries.

With modified designs H+H can respond flexibly to the individual wishes of its customers, among other things with specially designed stacking and destacking machines, for example for varying dimensions of load carriers, for the servicing of different positions, with automatic handling of intermediate spacer layers, and in other ways.


  • Variants
  • Stacking machine for hexagonal bundles
  • Destacking machine for various rack widths
  • Stacking/destacking machine for loading accessories