Components – building blocks for internal logistics solutions

Components – building blocks for internal logistics solutions

As logistical components H+H denotes tried and tested conveyor and handling equipment used as building blocks for the automation of special transport tasks. This by no means excludes that components can be modified according to need, to suit specific jobs. A material flow solution installed by H+H combines tried and tested components, if necessary special designs, and production equipment, governed by a common control system.


The sum of experience gained over many years

“Components” arise because in the internal logistical projects implemented by H+H during more than five decades, a number of typical requirements occur repeatedly. The strength of the components offered results, among other tings, from the fact that comprehensive experience has contributed to their development. All the available components have demonstrated their reliability many times over in complex material flow systems. In addition the components are continually being further developed, so that they correspond to the most up-to-date state of the art.


Universal application

H+H has specialised in material flow solutions in the field of heavy loads up to around 30 tonnes, and this indeed for tasks of the most varied kinds (among others in the high-temperature and low-temperature ranges and in corrosive environments). Often used and tried and tested components are:

  • Automatic cranes for the transport of long articles and pallets
  • Consignment towers for decentralised supply stocks
  • Storage towers when space is restricted
  • Transfer carriages, distribution trolleys, traversing carriages
  • Rotating equipment for coils, wire bundles, dies, etc.
  • Automatic stacking and de-stacking machines for long articles
  • Chain conveyors for the transport of racks, coils, pallets, trays etc.
  • Vertical conveyors for payloads between 1,000 and 10,000 kg
  • Tilting tables for loads up to 40,000 kg


Many of these components have already been in use in numerous branches for many years and with the highest availability: aluminium extrusion plants, foil manufacturers, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, paper production, furniture, foods, steel and plastics semis, building, wood and others.


Benefits for the customer

Besides complete systems, logistical components from H+H are ideally suited either as stand-alone solutions, for partial automation, modernisation measures and other applications. The components can also be used to supplement configurations manufactured by others. Since ultimately no logistical task is exactly like another, clearly design modifications are part of what H+H can and does provide. The customers gets tried and tested, and correspondingly reliable solutions with short delivery and assembly times and a high level of operational safety.


H+H offers its customers the complete services package to be expected from an experienced internal logistics partner – from material flow analysis, through delivery, assembly and commissioning, up to staff training and maintenance and care of the equipment supplied.