Automatic cranes

Automatic cranes for transporting racks, coils and pallets

Automatic cranes (AMCs) – often also called process cranes – have to be adapted to the numerous logistical tasks during operation. With the experience gained from installing around 50 automatic or process cranes, H+H can meet its customer’s requirements with modified designs.


For load uptake of long articles to be transported by means of various gripper systems and accessories:

  • for a defined rack width,
  • for different rack widths, with 90° swivel device for transporting from one or more stacked racks for long articles,
  • for the simultaneous transport of two racks of rack stacks next to one another,
  • as special solutions for special tasks,
  • gripper with integrated protective rack.

For load uptake for the transport of coils with different gripper systems:

  • mandrel gripper systems, if necessary with a rotating device,
  • jaws, gripping systems, optionally for holding at the outer circumference or at the laterally projecting core sleeve.

For oversize lifting heights, with special designs for up to 12 metres or more:

With flexible controls by means of which H+H can if necessary create intelligent links to other equipment during operation, for example:

  • collision-free operation of more than one automatic crane above one another,
  • automatic co-ordination during the collaboration of more than one process crane in accordance with a specified optimum,
  • programmable positioning when taking up or depositing the load.

… and others.


Each AMC from H+H Herrmann + Hieber is a sophisticated, technically high-grade and reliable logistical component. The units installed operate dynamically, with positional accuracies in the range of one to two millimetres and with availability up to 98% or more.