Privacy policy

Great care has been taken with the compilation and collection of the data and texts. Despite this, errors cannot be completely excluded. The company Herrmann + Hieber cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for erroneous information and its consequences.

The layout of the Homepage, the graphics used and the collection of the contributions are protected by copyright. Pages may only be reproduced for private use, changes must not be made, and reproduced portions must not be distributed without approval. Individual contributions are also protected by copyright.

Responsibility for content
Applicable to all links: the company Herrmann + Hieber has no influence on the content and design of linked pages. The use of links that lead to pages not part of the Homepage of the company Herrmann + Hieber, is the user’s own responsibility.

Data transmission
It is expressly pointed out that data transmission by e-mail via the Internet is unsecured and the data can therefore be received or falsified by unauthorised persons. For that reason no e-mails whose content is confidential should be directed to any address within the domain of the company Herrmann + Hieber.

Statistical evaluation
As is usual, when this website is accessed the Service Provider records, for each visit (‘hit’), possible identification data (IP address) and other information (date, time, page looked at) for statistical purposes. The Service Provider supplies the company Herrmann + Hieber only with aggregated information about the number of visits in relation to the domain names. Other than for statistical purposes, and then in anonymous form, no further evaluation of the data takes place.

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